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Careers at Nine X

Ever had a desire to own your own business? Love the fashion industry? Want to make an income selling name brand and top quality products that will actually sell and can truly make you a lucrative income? If you answered yes to these questions then Nine X may be the place for you to start a career as a Reseller.

What is a Reseller?

A reseller is a company or individual that purchases goods or services with the intention of selling them rather than consuming or using them. One example can be found in the industry of telecommunications, where companies buy excess amounts of transmission capacity or call time from other carriers and resell it to smaller carriers.

Nine X Reseller Position

Our world-wide approved vendors are looking for people to sell their products online, in-person, thru social networks etc. However you feel comfortable to get the word out, the better for you and your business. Nine X provides you the products and you will market our great products. These products sell themselves. We have 100's of verified products that customers are looking for at discounted and retail prices. As a Nine X Reseller, you will be your own boss. You can work as little or as much as you want. You can run your business however you feel fit as long as you represent the Nine X brand professionally, ethically, and responsibly. There are no quotas, no start-up fees, and no monthly fees to join. Just sign up, get approved with access to your own back-office, advertise your referral link, and start selling. Receive instant paychecks along with a 4% monthly commission bonus.

How does it work:

We list several products on our website. You are allowed to advertise our products on different selling sites, word of mouth, or however you prefer by either using your personal link or creating your very own listing of the products you want to sell. You can mark-up products ($5, $10 or even $50 + depending on the product and what it sells for retail). Once the product sells, you or your customer buys the product on our site using your referral link. The product will be sent to your customer normally within 3 - 8 business days depending on the item. Processing can be up to 3 business days and is not included in the delivery time. Once the item sells, you will instantly receive the mark-up commission payment along with an additional 4% bonus commission that is paid out monthly. If you choose to sell without marking up the price, you will receive the 4 % commission bonus once a product sells through your referral site.


Education:  High School Diploma or GED

- Sales preferred but not required
- Customer service skills
- Retail experience preferred but not required

Duties Include but not limited to:
- Market products on different social and networking sites, using well-established selling procedures and techniques.
- Respond to customers’ inquiries regarding products, and shipment, ensuring that the right type and amount of information was provided.
- Confirm orders and payments received.
- Order products on behalf of the customer through your personal website dashboard.
- Pick, pack, label, and ship products to the customer, or through the fulfillment of Nine X and provide appropriate delivery timelines to customers.
- Respond to customers’ complaints regarding service and product quality, aiming to resolve their issues.
- Oversee the inventory to ensure product availability, and assess stock situations.
- Create and maintain effective relationships with vendors and customers to ensure that products are delivered timely.
- Provide customers with detailed information regarding payment options, band process credit, and debit card payments.
- Handle returns and exchanges in sync with the guidelines provided by the company.
- Familiarize yourself with Nine X store policies, products, and retail margins of store items.

When can I get started?

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: Like us on Facebook at

Step 3: Click to Join our Facebook group that is shown on our page.

Once all 3 steps have been completed and verified, you will have access to the training material as one of our Reseller Sales Associates. Please allow up to 24 - 48 hrs  for the account to get verified.


Is this legal?

Yes, reselling items are legal. However, anyone caught defrauding potential customers or conducting fraudulent practices while reselling under the Nine X brand will be considered in violation of criminal and/or civil laws, Nine X reserves the right to seek damages and/or remedies from any such person(s) for such attempt to the fullest extent permitted by law. 

How do I know the retail cost of a product?

Always do your research. Google is a great tool for giving you an idea of what products retail for. You can also base it on different selling sites that you choose. 

What happens if the customer wants to do a return?

Please be sure to direct your customer to our refund policy. If a full refund is due to the customer per the refund policy, we will initiate the refund once the item has been returned and approved. We will only initiate the refund for the amount we received and you will be responsible for refunding any mark-up cost that you received. This will be mandatory for any and all approved returnable items. The 4% commission bonus will not be given on refunded items and will be deducted from any incurred commissions.

How much can I make?

It all depends on you. Some of our top resellers are making well over 6 figures and there are some that don't make anything. It depends on how much you put into it and your efforts. Reselling can be very lucrative but this is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time, effort, and great customer service to run a successful business.

How long will it take before I can make any money?

You can make money the same day you start. You earn money from any item that you sell. If you mark up the price of an item, you will only purchase the item for the amount listed on our website and you will receive your mark-up commission once you have satisfied whatever requirement is needed for the site you sold the item on. Normally it is providing the tracking number which we will be able to provide you once the item ships. Your 4% commission bonus will be provided as a monthly payment paid out the following month either via PayPal or Nine X store credit whichever you prefer.

Do I have to buy the items upfront?

You are welcome to run your business as you wish. We have resellers that take advantage of selling on multiple platforms in order to maximize their selling opportunities and we have resellers that just start off by selling on platforms that provides resellers immediate payments. 

Is there training for Nine X Resellers?

We provide you with training material via email and chat support. We want you to enjoy this just as much as we do, so we are here to help you along the way to make you as successful as possible. Be sure to like us on Facebook at and contact us via FB messenger. We will respond to you asap and no later than 24 hrs.

Where can I advertise products? 

You can advertise the products on your social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. by using your referral link. You can also advertise on selling sites such as Amazon, Ebay, etc. These sites charge a small fee if the product sells which you would need to deduct from your marked-up price. You can also tell friends, family, co-workers, or anyone you come in contact with about your new business and all the great items that you have for sell. Having a website with your marked-up prices or having a payment processor like Square, Paypal, or Swipe is also great options. Some agents sell locally by purchasing products and then selling it around their area. However, how you prefer to sell is all up to you.

Why join to be a part of the team at Nine X?

Because we are more than a company that provides quality products to our customers.....we actually care. We care about our products, our customers, and our representatives. Our vendors have been verified and approved and we try to make sure that the products our customers receive are of high quality to reduce the risk of returns. We want our representatives to succeed and enjoy the freedom of earning good money while still having availability for family and friends. We have found that our payment structure is the most lucrative in paying our representatives a steady income. We are constantly updating our site with fashionable and brand name products that can be easily sold. Nine X is working on becoming a major player in the online store industry and we strive for a great Nine X team to grow with us in our journey!

If I join, am I considered an employee or an independent contractor?

You are considered an independent contractor. You are not an employee of Nine X. You will be responsible for keeping track of your business expenses and earnings. You will need to claim your earnings according to your records on your taxes.

Apply Now to get Started:

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: Like us on Facebook at

Step 3: Click to Join our Facebook group that is on our page.

Once all 3 steps have been completed and verified, you will have access to the training material as one of our Reseller Sales Associates. Please allow up to 24 - 48 hrs  for the account to get verified.



National Dropshipper Position

Want to work completely on your own, running your own store selling quality, brand name products such as clothing, shoes, furniture, electronics and so much more. Want to be completely in control of what you sell and your profits? But still want to be apart of a team that can help you succeed and grow your business.Then this may be a better career for you. As a National Dropshipper, you will have access to tons of vendors/suppliers that have been already been approved and verified where you can get products to sell at discounted or wholesale prices. You will be apart of our very active but private Facebook group which provides training materials, questions and answers, updates, and other important daily notices that are guaranteed to help you create a successful business. You will get marketing and advertising tips, hot item money making suggestions, and so much more. If you are looking for a career at home and are serious about an opportunity that really provides you money while you sleep, then becoming a National Dropshipper is a great choice. To join as a National Dropshipper, there is a one-time non-refundable fee of $50. There are no additional fees or having to recruit other members unless that is how you choose to run your business.

View our video for more details:

To join as a National Dropshipper, please submit the one-time non-refundable $50 joining fee here. Please allow 24 - 48 hrs. to get started once the payment has been received. 

For more information or questions, please FB message us at